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Thursday, August 10, 2006


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Huh! My first meme - how exciting.
Oryx & Crake was *extremely* depressing when I read it. But definitely worth reading.
I wrote - very badly & hysterically - a dystopian short story with similarities to this plot & ending when I was about fifteen. But then probably all teenagers do.

Just seconding how depressing Oryx & Crake is -- but also worth a read. I haven't done a meme in ages and this seems just the thing for a weekend post.

I have a nomination for "One book you wish had never been written." It's that parenting book by the Ezzos -- the one that says that in order to raise a proper Christian non-selfish child you have to hit your babies and kids a whole lot. Yuck.

I'm taking some notes! Thanks for book suggestions.

Thanks for the tag! Good meme.

Yes Valerie, that is one I wish hadn't been written. But I've never actually seen that book - I'm sure it is here, but maybe not as widespread and popular as in the Christian Belt of the US.

Cool post. BTW Oryx and Crake is by Margaret Atwood, not Drabble. And it is indeed very depressing.

How strange - I'm sure I came by here and left a comment, but Typepad seems to have eaten it. I really need to read Oryx and Crake too, and I also loved Boynton's chocoholic book. I had one of her badges for many years, of the constipated-looking turkey saying "I am eruditer than you" - it was a gift from a housemate.

Wonder where that got to.

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