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Saturday, June 17, 2006


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The connections between poverty, food, and obesity are frightening. Between long working hours and the odd pricing mechanisms of processed vs. fresh food (presumably because of spoilage and transport differences), it's no wonder that folks can feed themselves crap for less money in the short run. But the long-run public health implications are staggering.

I think there's a link to overeating and unhappiness. We are not in a happy world its not surprising that we eat to get what we think or told we can't get from life.

Link, I believe that's so very true. Despite the 'wonderful economic times' we live in, many people seem so desperately unhappy. And what makes it worse is that most of them don't realise it.

Jody, without trying to stereotype people because of their dress, I have noticed that many people at the supermarket who appear to be poor have the most rubbish in their trolleys. This may not only be related to the fact that fresh food is often dearer but also it may come because people are no longer taught 'home economics' by parents who have never taught themselves - similar to the three generations on the dole effect.

Both these comments are generalisations but I think there is some truth in both of them.

Isn't interesting that the govt will ban cigarette advertising because of negative effects on health but will do nothing about food additives, advertising etc which affects the whole population.

(I think I should have re-read the above a couple of times before posting: sorry about the errors.)

Where can I watch this documentary? I live in the Philippines and I don't have access to sbs

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