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Friday, June 16, 2006


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I find it completely bizarre that some people can think being raised by a man and a woman MUST mean that children's best interests are served. Surely the "best environment" is one in which children are loved and nurtured, regardless of the gender of the adults??

And I am so sick of listening to politicians constantly trumpeting on about (their narrow version of) families - you'd think single people or people without children don't count. BAH!

These days I find I cannot think too much about John Howard. I get too angry.

Many of these politicians taking the "social conservative" line are just doing it cynically, totally as a wedge issue. The genuine bigots are hateful and scary, and the cynical bandwagoners are despicable and even more dangerous.

Bleagh, what a lot of malarky this Senator Fielding is spouting. :(

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