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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Your cat is performing pre-emptive punishment.

Have a lovely time away. We might get the odd post card perhaps?

Yes I'm hoping to blog while I'm there.

Well, the machine seems to have righted itself, but the cat spray smell is overpowering and I feel pre-emptively embarrassed for the poor couple who are coming to stay in our room. We bought a product called Piss-Off which of course makes no difference.

'spotless' by Lush and Fleming recommends washing with a sudsy mix of water and detergent. Dry with paper towels. Neutralise the smell with vinegar or lemon juice applied sparingly with a damp cloth.
Good luck.

You're a Spotless fan too? I gave it to co-parent for her birthday, at her request. She had followed those steps but now we've discovered that the awful cat had re-sprayed the same spot. Really, he's never done this before (and he was de-sexed very young.) It does seem to be some kind of protest. I've re-washed it this evening and tomorrow we'll apply vinegar. We're also planning to buy some small mats to go over that spot. I think I'll have to come clean to the housesitters and invite them to have the carpet washed, on us.

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