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Friday, June 09, 2006


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That photo of his corpse is a lovely fetish object, eh? It's not enough to kill him, we need his head on a pike, too. Even in a moment of "victory," we don't miss the opportunity to degrade ourselves.

Well said. I was going to comment on that photo but I'm not sure if it will show up on the link after today. It's an awful image.

Tandberg feels similarly.


Bleh. The displaying of the bodies is especially horrifying to me.

And yes, the re-definition of the term "bring to justice" defies all standards of democracy, not to mention human decency.

Yes, it's always worrying when one actually does feel joy at hearing about someone, anyone really, being bumped off.

Yes. I remember the morning after the IRA bombing of the Conservative convention in Brighton in the early 80s (I was in London). Someone made a careless remark about what a shame it was that Thatcher had escaped. A woman I worked with who was in her 60s at the time, who had lived through WW2 in England, responded that if Thatcher had been killed, the force of the repressive crackdown would be frightening. That was a turning point for me in realising that the death of any political figure is not the answer. al-Zarqawi's death will make no difference in the long run, in fact probably little difference in the short run. Whereas a trial can make a historical impact.

Here's another article about al-Zarqawi's death and its consequences.


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