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Sunday, May 28, 2006


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I'm glad my children have now put local sporting teams behind them: I often had the impression they were organised and run for some need(s) of some parents and not the kids.

Here's an idea: next time you're at the game, keep calling out, "Come on Legends!" This ought to annoy the honcho enough for you to be reminded what the 'actual' name is.
When you are reminded, reply, "Oh, is it? I forgot."
Leave it five minutes and then start it up again.

Alas, Ben, it would go against my grain to enact your suggestion, although I find it amusing. Too confrontational and it could potentially place my child in a difficult position. No, I'm merely going to protest on my blog and when I'm at soccer, I'll be murmuring David's mantra, 'it takes all sorts' ;-)
[Actually, by discussing it here, I'm more prepared for any future 'incidents' which require a louder voice of protest.]

Good God. What absolute crap.

And I must say, this reinforces my suspicion that children are learning at far too young an age to believe that adults are full of it. Between the empty praise and the blatant disregard for children's opinions....well. Fie on the lot of them, really.

At least Ollie is enjoying the games.

A belated vote here for the "totally disgusted" camp. The adults sound more like children than the children!

Sounds like a good conversation you had with Olle about it the next day though.

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