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Sunday, May 28, 2006


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I am also appalled (both from the 'ignoring a vote'/'dismissing children's contribution' angle and because I feel hurt on Olle's behalf). This would really get to me, too.

Not to mention the fact that the Legends is a much, much cooler name!!! (Most appeallingly Roy & HG, I think - although there are more profound classical connotations as well...).


Other than that I don't know who Roy and HG are, I completely agree with Liz.

No, you are not overreacting, my blood is almost boiling. That is just blatantly wrong - to ask kids to make suggestions and vote on them, and then declare that they made the wrong decision? I can't even express how made that would have made me.

Sounds like a good conversation you had with Olle about it the next day though.

Yep, blood boiling here too. What a lesson in how to behave (not!) I agree 100% with what you told Olle. I'm sure it will get him thinking. Great post.

A tangential aspect of all this is that I notice that some of these kids ignore a great deal of what their parents say and now I think, no wonder! There seems to be a lack of mutual respect between adults and children, with neither side taking the other seriously. (But of course, adults have the power, ultimately.)

wow! What a terrible example to set for the kids. I'm sorry it turned out that way.

Horrible. But maybe, in an age when democracy is becoming just a word used to justify empire-building, not so surprising.

I also think Legends is a much, much better name than Lions, which is a cliche.

Quite horrible behaviour on the part of the adults but as I said last time, I'm not really expecting the right life lessons from a football club (except that it takes all sorts). Our last match on Saturday ended with our two trainers having a huge spat in front of everyone, even though we'd won the game.

David, i think I might have to use that as a mantra next time I get too disturbed by the soccer goings-on: "It takes all sorts; it takes all sorts..."

Yes, I think you have a right to be upset. IMO, if the coach (ie: person in charge) asked for a group of kids to do an assignment (ie: come up with a name) and then no one did it except one child, then that name should have been chosen. Even if the name was not appropriate (which it was, again, IMO). That is why it is important to follow through with assignments. That would have been a good lesson instead of a horrible lesson that the coach gave them. How sad. I would write her a letter in the kindest of words.

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