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Saturday, May 06, 2006


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Sounds quite nice. We're expecting to be a soccer family - I actually prefer the game to watch, as well as having the usually motherly worries about injuries.

Don't know when we'll start, though.

I don't suppose it's that necessary to be too competitive for Olle at this point. I think it will as he grows older though. D's best friend does soccer. Last year he was made goalie and hated it. He's trying to avoid it this year but it's possible he won't have much choice.

Your description of the shouting coach made me laugh.

I don't think we will likely have opportunities to be part of the "we" at a sporting event. D is not at all sporting and N likes it but isn't good with the team stuff and isn't terribly good at it. The exception is the sports day at school, I guess.

I think the funny thing about your social life after your child starts school or social sport is that you will socialise with other adults you didn't choose yourself.

I think your lucky if your child chooses a best friend whose parents I like -I am happy to say so far so good.

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