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Sunday, May 28, 2006


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Cool! That looks great, and it's got to be a big relief to have the room organized in a way that makes you happier.

What's degenerate about new shelves and a blog post about them?

Looks great, to me. Like a different room entirely :)

Order. I love it. How'd you go with the cat pee? The world's most enduring pong, apparently. Its the simple things. Caster cups under the bed wheels transformed my life. I wish I had a 'Mike'.

Yes, i can say from experience that cat pee is a million times worse than dog wee.
I'm feeling very adult now that we've got a Mike!

Aw ... they're beautiful, and look solid too. The last lot I had built were too-thin pine and sagged in the middle.

I am still getting quotes for the big wall in one room and they range from $3400 to $5000. Scary stuff.

Love it! Nothing degenerate about bookshelf lust on a blog, I think.

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