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Monday, May 29, 2006


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Bullshit indeed. Good post. I hope Iemma feels the backlash he deserves.

I can't help but feel that people like Iemma just want to airbrush lesbian and gay families out of all children's lives.

I vote Greens at state elections but there is no way I am going to allow my preferences to go to the ALP next time.

This is a sleazy,lowlife govt that needs to be tossed out. At least in state politics the ideologies of Labor/Liberal don't count like they do in federal politics so I don't think my conscience will bother me all that much.

I missed this story today, and I'm almost glad, because it just would have made me incoherently annoyed as usual.

Thanks for a better post.

My mother was commenting the other day on how much she loved the (very occasional) fiction she has read set in the 1950s New Zealand she grew up in. It's so important that we see our own lives and those of the real people in our community reflected in stories - that's why the Premier's Reading Challenge is full of Australian books, after all.

But you've made me realise that little of the fiction in our house reflects anything other than a nuclear family, with a vague feeling of having lived here in Australia. As well as gay families, we're missing multicultural families, and we don't even have that much that's particularly Australian.

Ron, actually the big turning point for me (there've been many little turning points) was seeing the state Minister for Roads interviewed on tv, asked about the longterm implications of building so many tunnels and roads and his only reply was "Well, Australians love their cars". That kind of mindless populism is again manifest in Iemma's comments today - he's jumping on the Daily Telegraph bandwagon, not wanting to alienate "mainstream voters".

Yes, I am happy not to have to vote in NSW. I am already crabby today and this just capped it. What a git.

Good post though.

I find it interesting the way Iemma's jumped on the bandwagon when the previous (and frontrunner for alternative) Mayor was Labor's Barry Cotter, a sleazy show pony of the first order. Sam Byrne only just squeaked it in as Mayor in the last council vote, and I think Cotter might be about to make another tilt at the Mayoralty and the bennies for developers that a majority on council represents.

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