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Sunday, May 14, 2006


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My mum, who lent me the book, has now declared she's going to tape it for me and send it over. I thought the book was absolutely wonderful too, which sounds like the sort of language Nick Guest would use. It is my period, though not my class, not my sexuality, not my lifestyle and not my politics. But it was like an earthquake for British society and the book both an excellently written novel and a unique analysis of that time. I remember going to uni around the time Thatcher came to power and meeting for the first time in my life loads of public schoolboys who were exalting in the conservative revolution that waas taking place. No more apologies for being old fashioned - power, privilege, money, business were the things that made the world move and they overjoyed that someone had stopped beating around the bush. (And generally, their opinions of women were unchanged by her being a woman.)

I'm halfway through this book and I'm enjoying it so much. Hope the production does it justice!

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