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Thursday, March 23, 2006


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I think moments of dissonance like that can be very enlightening if one allows oneself to reflect upon them as you do, rather than throwing up a wall of denial as some others do. It's a chance to think of who you were then and who you've become now, how that road was travelled, which forks were foregone/taken and regretted/rejoiced. Self-examination can be unsettling, but who wants to live an unexamined life, really?

The image you paint of yourself is totally unlike the image I've gained your reading your blog! (Perhaps she's a lurker!)

Tigtog - not me! Dissonance is a good word for what I felt (seem to feel it very often these days.)

Elsewhere, a blogger I've met in person recently told me I was less serious in real life than I appear to be on this blog. I'm not sure about that (I thought this blog was a barrel of laughs!) - anyway, not to be too narcissistic about this, but what image *did* you have (not a suburban housewife then?)

Was that me saying that about serious content?

This kind of dissonance happens all the time to me. I think it happens all the time at the end of a long relationship.

In this case, it's kind of similar, although the nature of that relationship is different. Something to do with closing a chapter, but then revisiting a sentence or two by accident.

Yes it was you! Although you weren't so much commenting on the blog as on me in real life, I thought. (Perhaps I misinterpreted you. Which can happy even in real life.)
The friendship I had with the woman in the shop was pretty marginal, really, but to use your analogy, seeing her was like revisiting a time when those particular sorts of marginal relationships took up much more space in my life than they do now. (Now other sorts of marginal relationships, mostly with other parents, take up space.)

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