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Sunday, February 19, 2006


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This is a lovely post--not maudlin or overindulgent at all! I wish all dog owners could read it, especially the ones who have problem dogs (all of us?).

Thank you for that lovely post.

We were at the RSPCA on Saturday because I'd seen a dog of the type we've been looking for. Sadly for us (but not the dog) it had already been adopted. But in the cage next to it was a dog who was highly anxious and shy. He never came out from behind his sleeping area (which has a wall for privacy) although he did bark a bit. The sign said there was a compulsory training package with him (due to his anxious nature). There was one other dog there with a similar requirement. I've never seen this before but it sounds like a good idea. D was quite attached but I don't think we would be equipped to handle yet another anxious being in our household.

Getting Maggie was a similar experience. I'll have to write a companion piece on what was up with her. it is very rewarding getting a good, but screwed up, dog and ending up with just a good dog (well, if a little eccentric.)
You give a wonderful portrait of H and his personality.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Harry was very fortunate that you found each other.

Great sight in the park: I was riding my bike when I came upon an old feller walking with a pair of foxies. One was trotting along beside him, the other was curled up in a basket on his carrier, shivering and timid. We talked - of course - and he told me he had recently taken over the scared dog. "He'll settle down," he said."It might take a bit of time, but he'll be alright."

Made me feel good about people.

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