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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


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That lost post thing has happened to me a few times, and I almost always have to turn away from the computer for a day, it feels so awful. And yet I still remember too rarely to save the drafts....

I've never read any Seth, I'll have to seek his books out now.

I've read An Equal Music and had pretty similar thoughts to yours. It's quite a feat to make the intricacies of a musical life so fascinating, even to those who know nothing of the subject. And A Suitable Boy was also my daily soap for a couple of months. Once you get into the groove, you truly don't want it to end.

Interesting. I read An Equal Music on the recommendation of an ensemble of musical friends a few years back. I was disappointed in it, it didn't rate as well with me as the publicity they gave it suggested. I found it interesting from my point of view as a member of an ensemble and I do remember being incredibly irritated by some of the characters. I found myself curiously indifferent to the book.

Oddly enough I bought the CD years ago on the strength of one track - a string version of one of Bach's Contrapunctus (or should that be Contrapuncti). Heard it on the radio and thought it sublime. The rest of the album is good - you'd probably find you recognised most of the music once you heard it. Must read the book know.

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