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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


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Every time I've gotten together with people who I know only online, it's been really easy to spot them. Just look for the person who is scrutinizing everyone who walks in the door, looking like she's expecting someone to meet her, and that's probably your person.

I've also sometimes e-mailed pictures back and forth with someone who I'm going to meet. Also, I've heard of groups saying things like, "Let's all wear a red rose flower on our lapel," and that serves too.

I'll be wearing a camel in my lapel. ;)

Actually, I'm not sure I'll be going- I sorta got the impression from Suki that this was a female blogger's event. Regardless, it will be somewhat quieter than the other meets so far- unless you consider the event of low-flying 747s over Leichhardt.

I don't think Bar Italia is licenced. Those who will crave a drop should BYO. Can't go past Bar Italia's Bolognaise sauce or Chicken Parmagiana, though, aircraft noise be damned!

Okay, I've gotten Suki on the phone and she reassured me that it is a co-ed event. chance are I'll pop in for a spell...or at least for a plate of Chicken Parmagiana.

I've just realised that that Saturday will be the 18th, not the 17th - yikes!

I should be there, Susoz, on the 18th...

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