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Thursday, January 05, 2006


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I generally like most Thursday Plantations and agree their deodorant is useless (as are all the zinc-free ones, I've found).

I often wonder if those around me think I am constantly treating myself for nits because of the tea-tree odour.

I don't worry about whether other people might think I've worn the same clothes for a day or two. I think it's true they don't as I couldn't tell you what anyone wore the day before. Perhaps women notice these things more than men.

True, I wouldn't have a clue what most people around me wore the day before but with the paranoia of the not-quite-normal I imagine that everyone else, especially women, does notice.
Most normal types probably don't equate tea-tree with nits ;-) They probably think it's something you ate!

I know some people who notice these types of details. Me, I am pretty oblivious.

I've used tea tree oil as an antiseptic at times and I've had to wash it off before going out due to the strong odour.

The pharmacies in my area now recommend the tea-tree-based nit treatments because the little buggers are now immune to most of the chemical ones.

I guess that's where my association comes from (and the fact I've a 12yo daughter who has just finished primary school and will leave the nits behind now or is that wishful thinking?).

Ah ... I wish I hadn't typed that last comment - I'm itchy now even though I've a #4 cut!

The Body Shop do a good aluminium-free stick and roll-on deodorant. I've used the men's stick one for at least a decade...

Ironing is such a hassle. I seem to get away without except for the few occasions that I need to wear a suit and tie (the accompanying shirt needs ironing).

Ron, I know what you mean about getting itchy at the mer mention of nits. We've used the tea tree anti-lice stuff too. Last time was last April, so not too frequently (fingers crossed).
I'll try a Body Shop deodorant - I like their face cream (carrot - I've used that for over a decade) though if you look at my ethical living link on the left and go to the article about bathrooms, apparently Body Shop products are not free of harmful chemicals...

I haven't used deodorant in years. I hope if I smelled bad someone would tell me! So I guess it's working.

This is probably *Way* Too Much Information, but...

I figure the odor is caused by bacteria, so, when I bathe I wash my armpits with antibacterial soap. (I have some misgivings about antibacterial soap, but I use it anyway.) Usually that's enough to keep me odorless through all seasons of the year, for years on end. Once every few years, my armpits get stinky with some kind of germ that the antibacterial soap doesn't get. Then I use rubbing alcohol on my armpits and make sure that all of my shirts get washed well before re-wearing. Come to think of it, if I were stopping using deodorant, I'd make sure that all my shirts got well-washed then, too. Oh, and everything works better during the seasons when I don't have to shave my armpits.

Anyway, each person's body chemistry is different, so I'm not at all sure that everybody can get away with not wearing deodorant. But I'm happy that it works for me!

Vaguely anon, I have misgivings about anti-bacterial anything. How about ordinary soap? That works for me when I'm not using deodorant. I believe not eating meat also helps keep armpits inoffensive.

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