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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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Peter was right on the effect of pregnancy on smoking, at least in our case.

My partner and I both stopped smoking when she was pregnant with our daughter.

I still get an urge to smoke now and again even after twelve years although not one I have to fight. Our teenage son who is only 15 is smoking now despite our pleas and bribes. All but one of his peer group smokes which is disappointing. His clothes and hair and breath stinks. It really upsets me, I could cry, when I think of the damage being done to his young body.

When I see so many young people smoking, I think the quit smoking campaign has only been beneficial to older people.

Ron, I can imagine wanting to cry too. If that happens to Olle, I will cry. Some friends of ours also have a 15 year old who has been caught with packets of cigarettes recently. Not yet sure if he does this regularly ie every day or if it's only at parties on the weekend. I don't know what the stats are (I'm sure there are stats) but I'd imagine that most smoking teenagers turn into smoking adults. C0-parent began smoking as a teenager. She gave it up at age 31.

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