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Friday, November 04, 2005


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That's not new. The Army has advertised heavily during the TV broadcasts of both college and pro football for years. Probably more during the college games, because the ad rates are lower and the target audience is younger.

I can't see that the profile has changed much in twenty years, as far as militarism goes. Wait, I take that back: cammo is the new print for little boys' (and some girls') clothing at the moment. I'm sure it has something to do with the war in Iraq, but it's also something easily avoided (I haven't seen any of the little boys in the kids' circles wear it). In fact, the ability of most US citizens to avoid confronting the war in any meaningful way at all is what disturbs me most.

I've been worrying about the cultural division between families with children who served and families who didn't (not to mention the rhetoric about civilians served up in boot camp) for years. My brother's six-year enlistment in the navy didn't quiet my anxieties.

Wow, that could be my son - right up to and including the khaki bucket hat (which, I suppose, used to be an Army Surplus thing itself)... How old is he in the photo?

He was five at the time.
Gathering fallen flowers is something he does with very sweet regularity - whenever we're walking together, he presents me with frangipani or jacarandah blossoms - it's one of his many endearing qualities.
Jody, we have so far managed to avoid camouflage clothing but only just - Olle has requested it and plenty of kids his age wear it. As he gets older he wants to look more like everyone else, so he chooses his most boysie clothng over the hippy stuff I buy him!

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