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Saturday, November 05, 2005


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Leaf blowers, egads I agree wholeheatedly. Wucking fooseless. Where do they think they're blowing the stuff to?

Typepad seems to have been doing a lot of track maintenance at the moment, which could be contributing to your blog problems. A while back, only typepad people were able to access my comments for some reason. Typepad's query system is pretty efficient tho, so I'd try them.

I had a problem with a couple of comments (yours, actually) that didn't show up at all except in a message to me. Typepad wrote a nice email back saying that they were just moving all their servers to a new building, and increasing capacity, because they'd outgrown their previous facilities. I suspect that it's a very demanding process and will pass.

Well, it seems to have fixed itself. I had put in a help request to Typepad and they replied but before I could try out their suggestions I tried the link again and it opened - as did all the other Typepad weblogs on my blogroll. So that's a relief. Now I'll have to try The Guardian, which was also behaving oddly.

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