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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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I'm really sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you get some answers (and significant improvement) very soon.

I had quite a giggle checking out the link to 'Ug' - I think this book must be purchased! I am shocked and appalled that a 'friend' of yours could be sadistic enough to introduce a Tamagotchi into your household... but I can imagine life with a Tamagotchi giving you fodder for some entertaining blog posts, so from a selfish perspective I'm quite tickled about it!!

Olle is very much a novice Tamagotchi owner - we didn't even discover the directions until yesterday, so what he's been doing with it the past few days I don't know. Just pushing buttons and eliciting beeps.
'Ug' is an interesting book. It was given to O for his fifth birthday but the wit and historical perspective were beyond him then. I'm still not sure he gets the humour, but it's a good starting point for thinking about how human society has developed - we've had some good discussions about how you would go about making some of the most basic things, like clothes, if you were back in the stone age. (His answer: he would use a stone to skin a dead animal and then use mud to glue it together.)

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