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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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I've been having issues with this too, lately. As you know, I work at home on a computer connected to the Internet. I work on an hourly basis, free-lance, so I only get paid for the actual hours that I am working. Lately I've had strings of several days in a row where I get so busy with puttering around on the net (reading friends' blogs, updating my own blog, answering e-mail) that I never do get any work done. I work only in the mornings, so it is all too easy for me to goof off for just a moment and then suddenly find that my work time is past. I'm currently trying to convince myself to only do blogging and other hanging out online in the evenings, *not* during my work hours. This seems to be helping -- I've been more productive lately. But I am surprised by how hard it is lately to do my work instead of getting distracted by e-mail and stuff. I need to keep working on this.

I've only had my computer for 18 months. After the divorce when I decided to re-educate myself, I spent hours in libraries just reading and writing. The net was just wondrous until I found out about blogs and addiction galloped until I got my own. I can't link so I write out what I want by hand because I can't seem to learn by looking at a screen. Then I post but I have the time to do this. I think it's great for information but I still read for an hour before sleep even if it's just one chapter. In this age of computers, my granddaughters think it's marvellous that I can make and use a quill pen, thank you, Harry Potter.

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