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Thursday, November 24, 2005


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I'll definitely go see Brokeback Mountain. Annie Proulx is too good for me to consider missing it. Don't have any ideas who the fellow alluded to could be.

I thought the article was a bit strange, somehow. I can't put my finger on exactly why. Something in the tone is bringing to mind your observations on the outcry after the posthumous outing of Graham Kennedy.

You can play safe and write it in Word first then past it in, tho there's some combination of buttons I occasionally hit on my laptop which deletes documents too.

Or on a Mac (when you get it back), you can write in TextEdit - which also does your spell checking for you...

I'll probably go and see Brokeback Mountain regardless of the trauma that the lead characters were exposed to. As a short story, it's a little thin in parts, but it has a point in telling why the lead characters weren't able to be a couple, and Ang Lee usually does good stuff.

Speaking of Ang Lee, he must be a friend of Dorothy's don't you think?

Vanity Fair magazine November issue praises the film and the 'breakout performances' of the 2 leads: 'Ledger is heartrending''an instant classic'. VF would know it's readership would be 50% gay, and would not lead them astray?

Brownie, where'd you get that 50% gay figure? I'd guess much lower than that for VF. (I used to be a regular reader but somehow drifted away...) Still, I might be tempted to see that film if it's as good as they say.

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