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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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Though of course meat is no guarantee of keeping those iron levels up either. Mine are always low and I'm a carnivore!

I never buy meat and only eat it away from home if there is no alternative. I am a regular blood donor and my haemoglobin is good enough for them. My 'bad' cholesterol is the right level too, despite eating many more eggs than are recommended (only privately bought free range though).
I think buckwheat is a protein source - I buy the pancake mix from the Safeway 'health section'.
Google (buckwheat + nutrition).
and good luck with the whole darn thing. xxx

I suffered from borderline anaemia for quite some time thanks to vegetarianism -- I do have to eat red meat at least twice a week or else I feel pretty horrible, so I can sympathise. The iron pills didn't do it for me, sadly.

It makes me sad to think that you need to meat to be healthy. However, I do believe that everyone is different and you are the only person in any position to judge what is best for your health.

Personally, I have been a vegetarian for 21 years and a vegan for 11, and I have always had high haemoglobin levels. For me wholegrains, green leafy vegetables and not drinking caffeine within the same hour of eating iron-rich food (because it restricts your body's ability to absorb iron) all seem to work. I have never taken pills.

However, it sounds as though you have tried all that and still have low levels, so your body may well just need different things.

All the best. I hope whatever you decide works for you.

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