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Friday, September 09, 2005


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I figure Warnie is a great cricketer but he's pretty stupid outside the game at times...doesn't seem he ever learns from his mistakes. I haven't exactly wanted Australia to lose but I did want to see matches being less one-sided as they have been in recent years.

Glad to hear that such fond memories have been brought to mind while watching. I'd imagine feeling very much the same in those circumstances. I did have a similar experience a while back when watching a children's program about a tugboat that was made in Canada. It was made in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is where we lived while in Canada a few years ago. It was a built set but included all the buildings and landmarks we could see from our townhouse balcony. It was very bizarre. While it wasn't exactly the greatest time we had, the harbour was one of the nicest parts of our stay there. We had close access...it's about all Nicholas now remember anyway. I think the show was shown on Disney channel here but I can't recall the name...just a very short little program, sort of like Thomas the Tank Engine, but on a much lower budget.

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