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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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maybe the woman puts the goodness and niceness part of her church ahead of the repressive parts? maybe her husband doesn't know her heart isn't really into a religion that forces children to miss the normalness of all the other kids parties. Has Ms Kidman gone to Scientology since she lost Shorty? Nah.

Maybe she simply feels sorry for lesbians for not being normal and for having a one way ticket to hell?

James, doesn't your religion teach that it's God's job to judge people, not yours, and it's your job to be kind to everybody?

I can't tell if James is being facetious or not, Valerie!

Jehovah's witnesses love all people. It is the core teaching of the Bible. No none of our members are homosexual. But we DO NOT judge those on the outside. We try to be kind to everyone. By being kind to you she is obviuosly practicing what she is taught by the Bible and what her fellow Jehovah's witnesss's beleive LOVE and RESPECT for everyone. Our childern (I have 3) go to lots of social gatherings and party's all year long and hardly feel left out. We have Biblical reasons we do not celebrate certain holidays or certain celebrations we do not participate in. We are definitely not opposed to having fun.

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