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Friday, September 02, 2005


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I think she's gorgeous. How could anyone think Staffies aren't beautiful?

She's definitely gorgeous, though I have to admit a predilection for Manchester Terriers... they're similar in many ways, although Manchesters are a bit less robust.

It's their muscularity which appeals to me and that's the opposite of what appeals to many people in a dog.
It's been very interesting to get a half-white dog after having had a dark brindle for years. People constantly comment on how good-looking Harry is - I mean total strangers in the street. And they encourage their children to touch him. Hardly anyone (except other staffy aficionados) would call out to us about Lot's looks and no one would let their children touch her - it seems that brindle staffies are seen as more sinister-looking whereas white has cuddly overtones.

I honestly can't see anything sinister about her. She looks beautiful. About the only dog that makes me nervous is the German Shepherd and I think that's only because I was once bitten by one. I don't seem to run across many around here though.

I can't see anything sinister about her either. She's lovely, but I also like an athletic looking dog - there are a few pics on my own blog just now, especially under 'dogs'. It's partly what you're used to, I reckon.

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