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Friday, September 09, 2005


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No problems with slugs but we do get a number of snails, just not inside. I didn't think slugs and snails came indoors...interesting...Ants are regularly a problem but it's the pantry moths which I find drive me batty. We got them late this year. I used to vacuum them whenever I saw them...they were taking over. They have left a trail around the ceiling and I still haven't got that clean...I am just not a housekeeper...

As for our sofa, it's vinyl and is completely ripped in several places. Our plan is to get a new set soon. Rick doesn't have to pay as much tax as he expected so I am pushing to get new furniture. It's just too embarrassing to have guests on what we have. I know it's unlikely we will keep it clean but we plan on banning food and drink in the room...I'm sure it will still be looking shoddy in no time though...I don't think we are cut out to have really nice stuff.

I have to say I have never met slugs & snails inside the house. Obviously we have enough disgusting matter outside to distract before they get in.
Do the slime trails clean off the sofa?

Your house sounds like my house! Well, we don't have slime trails on the sofa yet, but I'm sure it's only because they don't have that kind of slugs here yet.

Lori, we've had moths in our pantry a couple of times. I don't know if your moths (on the other side of the planet from me) are like the ones we had. The ones we've had live in grain. You have to find the grain with the larvae in it in the pantry and get that out of your house in order to get rid of the moths.

The slime cleans off very easily, thank goodness. You just wipe it - it's like dust. Although it's called slime, it's not really slimey.

There haven't been any trails since Friday. We didn't do anything different, so I don't know what's stoppped them. (I was all ready to put out a bowl of beer, which is one snail remedy, but I didn't get around to it.) It did rain a tiny bit on Saturday, which made me think that perhaps they were coming indoors in search of moisture - it's been sooo dry here (it didn't rain all of August). Maybe if there's a bit of water outdoors, they don't need to come in?

Around here we have "ant season". Once or twice a year, ants come trooping through what seems like every home in Ann Arbor. Whether you do anything or not, after about a week the ants go away again, all by themselves.

Does this have any bearing on the disappearance of the slugs? Probably not, but I figured I'd share anyway. :S

God, slugs inside are the worst. I'm living in a cellar of a big house, and whenever I open my window for more than a few minutes, those disgusting slugs are crawling in to my room. Yesterday one of them was on its way up and into my bed!!! God! Is there something I can do to prevent them from climbing inside my home?

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