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Friday, September 09, 2005


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Oh yes. I have finally settled on a long, deep backpack in which my hardened steel giant horseshoe lock can disappear completely. Even the weight is no indication because I have a lot of other stuff in it too.

Food isn't my problem at the desk - it is the vast instant accretion of papers, books, old pens and sometimes beer bottles that sit in a horrible arc around my screen.

And since I work from home a lot - I mean a lot - there is the issue of getting out of my fabulously comfy dressing gown and into my clothes which are not so comfy. Otherwise I get a really funny look from the courier when he arrives in the middle of the afternoon.

I have been known to be so embarrassed I have mumbled about shift work.

My desk chair at home seems to be okay but my desk/table is always a mess. I do tidy it up about once a week and soon it's just a huge mess. My ten year old has obviously inherited this trait, but worse...and I am supposed to help him? I had come to some acceptance of my inability to keep things clean except that I am frequently under pressure to help him and my example can't be that good...sigh...

You don't suppose someone else might have traded chairs when you weren't looking? I seem to recall that happening a lot when I used to work in a similar type of office many years ago.

I wonder if panniers with lots of pockets would help, so that you could declare one pocket to be the home of the lock, and another to be the home of the keys, and so on. Though it sounds like you've found a perfectly good solution by always putting the lock into the left pannier, and that's less expensive and less consumerish than getting new ones.

I sit on an old twin bed at my computer. It is always a mess. I don't clean it up very often anymore, because any time I do that it fills up with new mess immediately.

I second what Lori said about people switching office chairs around. At the open plan office that I worked at, people would also take away your computer if you stepped away from it for two minutes -- it was very frustrating.

Every so often someone's chair disappears. It hasn't happened to me for over a year. Although the thought of swapping *my* chair with someone else's has occured to me, as a way of hiding the evidence. However, as I work on a computer all day long, the exact height and configuration of my chair is really important - just one centimetre's difference can throw my arm/shoulder/wrist into an awful state. So I daren't risk changing chairs.

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