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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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Thanks for your notes about this: I read the "morally self-righteous comments" and it is sickening to think that a teacher can't even divulge her primary relationship. Now if it was with a goat, one might be reticent, but in this case it reminds me of teaching lesbian love poems to a class of undergraduates. One told me afterwards of her anxiety that she would catch lesbianism if she read about it. Imagine the epidemic!

In parts, suzoz. It's getting to me as well, I must honestly say. I hope you don't mind my linking to your post (with I think the comments thread turned off) to demonstrate that there are real people involved with kids, not just some phantom PC crisis as some commenters seem to think.

I remember the uproar caused by the second showing of the two mums Play School episode. My three year didn't bat an eyelid. Soon after I was driving her to daycare and the news of beheadings in Iraq was on the radio. "Why did they cut that man's head off daddy?". Now that's a question. We are faced more and more with disturbing news that is getting harder and harder to filter (yes, I don't listen to the news in the car anymore) and yet we are told that a lesbo teacher is the thing to worry about. Its a classic case of the old right wing trick of "look over there...", while I crap in your bath.

"at Troppo Armadillo, a blog which in parts is becoming so morally self-righteous I have just about given up reading it.]"

yep you sure are right there,

the old Troppo is plunging through a welter of heated and repetitive comment at almost every post. Air, I need air, But then an airhead does - need air.

The only comment my own kids have ever made about having classmates with two mothers was a few days before Mothers Day, a few years ago, when my son griped that one of his classmates got to make TWO art projects and use a lot of the best glitter and stickers and things, to make two mothers day cards, because she has two mothers. Other than that, I don't think they notice at all. I totally don't get why this is supposed to be harmful to anybody.

all this has been very disturbing indeed, suzoz.

as a lesbian-identified queer woman who'd like to have kids, I'm starting to get a sense of just how horrible the environment for them might be at times. it's really lamentable. I'm an American citizen, and moved back to Australia in part because I thought that on the whole this was a more tolerant and progressive society. now I'm starting to question that assumption.

I get tired of fighting - and tired of being accused of being strident - the insult thrown at uppity women everywhere - and of special pleading. but I remember women like Rosa Parks who changed so much simply because she was tired. sometimes in our most exhausted moments we can speak clearly to the truth of ourselves, and that gives me some hope.

a belated happy IWD to you :)

The student teacher sacking was disgraceful. I have written to the AEU (melbourne@aeuvic.asn.au) and anyone else I could think of to let them know what I thought about the whole thing.

Troppo is certainly dropping of my list of blogs to read as well. Anyone new wandering in there would think they are in a Tim Blair lair. If it wasn't for Mark Bahnisch posting I wouldn't bother with it. RWDB stuff is bad enough but when it's wrapped up in intellectual wanking it's even worse.

Someone mentioned on a blog somewhere yesterday (I've read so much on this issue I don't where I have been anymore), that the best thing that could happen is for more and more queer people stand up to be counted particularly those in the public eye such as politicians.

I agree with this but it's so hard to do. I am married with two school-age kids and would like to be more of an activist (even just being myself would be enough) but fear making life more difficult for my family. I don't think this is not a copout - it was hard enough for my wife having to tell her family her husband was gay. And I don't want my children's friends banned from coming to our home because too many people immediately link homosexuality and paedophilia.

Sometimes you think the wars have been won but then find out it's all an illusion - I wonder if homophobia is actually getting worse today with the attitude of the Howard government and the growing interference of fundy-style Christianity.

You folks should take another look at Troppo Armadillo for "jane's reply" posted couple of days ago.

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