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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


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Same for me. I lived on the Vauxhall City Farm from 1978 to 1982, after squatting round the corner.

Three houses where squatters had tunnelled through the walls and created a maze. I loved it. And living with a whole heap of people.

But things change..

David, I think I know that area of Vauxhall - did it eventually turn into a co-op?
In our squat, we had a literal 'hole in the wall' between two of the front hallways, with a coin-operated telephone inside it. There was a small door to the telephone on each side (like a little cibby-hole in the wall). When the phone rang, someone from either house could answer it and if it was for someone in the other house, they would push open the little door and put their head through into the other hall and yell for whoever was wanted. Visitors would get a shock to hear a phone ringing in the wall and then a head appear from nowhere!
Those were the days.

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