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Friday, February 04, 2005


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Yes, I thought it all seemed a little premature. Perhaps his sponsors were putting pressure on him to get hitched, perhaps Channel 7 saw an opportunity for some cross-promotion and put the hard word on Lleyton to put the hard word on Bec. Whatever. It is more than a little pukesome how everyone is so 'overjoyed' when some of us who show real committment are discounted as freaks.

You really have to wonder sometimes what the hell is the rush! When you hear "news" like this all we mere mortals observers are going What the? Can his or her close friends and family really being encouraging such an apparently rash decision. Your situation with the law has made me really examine this country and its so-called democracry - who is permitted and who permits freedom of choice? It seems its okay for billionaire 20something tennis stars on the rebound and airhead soapie starlet singing chicks to marry but denied for responsible people like yourself and your partner - truly a mockery I agree. I also know if you could you would choose not to - but for you to be completey denied the choice is indeed ludicrous.

That's democracy - I wish I could spell check these things sometimes.

Georg, your comments made me wonder whether, if Lleyton had won the Open, he would have proposed to her from the court. It could well have been something Channel Seven would have encouraged. We watched a lot of the tennis and they constantly cut to close-ups of Bec in the audience and made references to her.

LLeyton is probably gay himself - hence the high profile lovematch - he has a constant male travelling companion who looks like Ben Affleck and is now supposed to be sharing his house with an AFL footballer who is far more of an oilpainting than his girlfriends!

i think bec and lleyton are awsome and baby is the so cute so yes hope you all like them to

lleyton is not gay

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