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Thursday, July 03, 2008


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We've recently had a conversation with Zac along these lines. His rebellious nature (with us, at least) shone through and when I asked him about strangers and sweets he said "I'd take the lollies because you don't let me have them". I didn't want to go into what might happen if he accepted the lollies but I was perturbed.

My 11 y o response when we had this conversation was to wave his hand dismissively and assure me that he knew all about it, 'cause they "did" it at school. He refused to elaborate. His swaggering response left little room for further discussion.

I had to laugh a little at the idea of a stranger danger talk with either of my boys because both are the types that don't talk to strangers at all, even if I am there.

D would definitely freeze if someone approached him. I am only slightly less certain of N's reaction being similar but he's not really left on his own yet.

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