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Friday, March 16, 2007


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Mmm tea . I prefer Orange Pekoe. I just put some leaves in the bottom of a cup and fill with boiling water. Easy.

I do that quite often too - tea leaves straight into cup and add water. Trouble is, you can't control the strength of the tea that way if, like me, you need to leave it to sit till it's cooled down a bit before drinking. Still, I often can't be bothered with an infuser.

What a wonderful meme!

I've been starting to drink a bit more green tea lately. I do love afternoon tea in a hotel, which is something I've only done a few times--not so many hotels or tea houses doing a good job here in the States.

Do you like to eat anything with afternoon tea?

Afternoon tea in a hotel has to include food - sandwiches and cakes and pastries. And when I drink tea at home, I nearly always eat something sweet with it (in the afternoons) - either a bun or biscuit or cake or een bread and honey.

How could I forget Devonshire tea! Scones, jam and cream - my favourite afternoon tea and what I always order if it's on the menu.
In south London there is a wonderful cafe called Tea Time which specialises in jams and cream with scones - heaven!

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