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Saturday, July 15, 2006


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As I spent my early years in London, I think we did all the sights by about the time I was five and neglected them ever since. St Pauls was about the only place I ever did as an adult.
I recently went to an event in London where we were holed up in the Docklands for three days but on the last evening the organisers put on a reception in the West End and hired an old double decker bus to take us there. I got the front seat at the top and we passed the Tower, went all the way down the Embankment and up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square. It was magnificent to be a tourist again. I'd love to take the kids there but I don't know how to afford it. I shall play the lottery again this week.

Yes I hardly dare look at my bank balance - money seems to be slipping through my hands (even though we don't have to pay for any accomodation.)

Meant to say this earlier, but HOW GOOD WAS MARY POPPINS?! I wasn't convinced either beforehand (even me!) but blimey, it was lovely. Audience was FULL of adults who had dragged little ones along with them, many of them too young considering how dark it was, and within 20 minutes half the kids were asleep while the parents were enraptured! By the end it was a theatre full of tearful grown ups waving as she drifted off across the stalls, calling 'PLEASE don't go, Mary! Stay!'*

I really liked how they fleshed out the parents. It always bothered me that Mrs Banks' suffragette activities are so heavily mocked in the film and it was much better that she was an actress (possibly that's how it is in the books? Can't remember), and the evil nanny backstory made Mr Banks more sympathetic, too.

The tapping on the ceiling wasn't bad either.

*Possibly it was only me who yelled that.

We went to a matinee which was half full of schoolkids aged 10-11, which enhanced the atmosphere, they all loved it. Yes, I was struck by the level of skill, talent and money which such a West End production exhibits. Very impressive.

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