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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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Re large people at theme parks...during my only visit to Seaworld I noticed alot of large people eating chips and softdrinks and smoking. A real shock since I live in the inner city where one may see the occasional smoker but not a large number of very obese people. I visited Disneyland in California in 1981 with my family. We all noticed obese people there..many of them. Its an interesting obervation.

When I last lived in London in 1995 people used to talk about the hot summer of 1976. I think every summer since in London has been hotter than 1976 (my friends tell me). Sometimes global warming is more obvious with a bit of distance.

Your London posts are making me nostalgic, even though I don't think I'd enjoy living there at my current stage of life.

1976 and 1995 had great long, hot summers in the UK and Ireland.

Cyclists are probably as noticeable - and ordinary - in Dublin as London.

Have you noticed who is wearing the sports clothing?

I (embarrassingly) went on a cruise last year (my father's idea, and he paid) and was also struck by the large (oops) number of obese people. A perfect example of selective sampling - cruising is an ideal holiday for the obese - all those buffets.

I'm no historian but I assume there was a time in the not-too-distant past that obesity was associated with the upper classes, rather than the less well-off? The transition period seems to have been in the 1940s - advent of fertilisers? Mass production of refined wheat?

love Olle's word play by the way. Following in his mother's articulate footsteps by the sounds of it.

It's my last evening in London so I'm in the thick of taking my leave from dear friends - no time to write a post, just enough time to say that I'm off ... when next you hear from me, I'll be on the other side of the world.

Safe travels back home...sounds like this has been a wonderful holiday, and I'm enjoying reading about yours as I get settled back after my own.

And I love Olle's sense of word play!

Olle's word play totally sounds like Arlo, too. It's a neat age that they are at.

Like Susan, I too am enjoying reading about your travels.

I should add that his word play was based on looking at how that word is spelt - for anyone who doesn't know, Windsor is pronounced Winnser.

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