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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Lovely pictures and congratulations for braving Legoland. There is one next to the motorway on our regular trip to the grandparents. Someone almost always mentions, "Oh there's Legoland over there," and us parents hold our breaths hoping that no-one will add, "Can we go there one day?"
I've stayed twice in a hotel on Hong Kong Island which is above the convention centre. It has a wonderful 11th story pool and I adore lying on my back in the water during an early morning swim, staring at the towering skyscrapers above. And when I get out, I have the view down below over the harbour to Kowloon. It's a weird place but thoroughly exhilarating.

The Beano Annual still exists? What about _Look and Learn_?

What a wonderful holiday--I'm glad you did the photo album.

I'd not heard of Look and Learn but it looks like it still exists, in some form anyway.


Thanks for that...I shall go and re-live happy childhood moments.

David, Legoland was surprisingly okay. It was expensive to get in but once in everything (except food and the merchandise, but you could avoid those if you planned well) is free. If you ever did go, choose a non-holiday, non-summer time, as we had to line up for rides, sometimes for 30 minutes, and it wasn't even school holidays yet. We saw a performance which was of a high standard ( a kind of outdoors pantomine, with acrobats), went on three different rides and around a big maze, the kids did a 'driving course' and a boat excursion and there was Miniland, which has all European city replicas in Lego, which are pretty impressive (if you like that kind of thing). It was much more lowkey than I imagine the Disney parks are.

Nice pictures! (I looked at all of them.)

I'm curious what Beano is. Over here it's a product that contains enzymes that you sprinkle on your food when you are eating beans, to reduce the amount of gas that the body produces. I've had the impression that the word "Beano" might be generally associated with flatulence in the U.S. Since Olle's Beano seems to be a book, I'm guessing that this is completely and utterly different from the U.S. usage of the word Beano.

Valerie, the Beano is a comic magazine that comes out weekly. See second link above for the meaning of the word 'beano'.

Such great photos! Thanks for sharing.

I have not been back to England in Too Long. I simply must do something to fix that....

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