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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


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Hey susoz,

Thanks for the blog submission. Great post (maybe you might consider using it as your 'About' page)

Having some experience of Sydney cabbies I found it funny that they would ask you where you were from :)

Anyway, drop me a line and let me know how you found out about us.


Enjoyed the meme so much that I decided to steal it. Thanks!

Given the quote, I'm surprised you didn't list air travel under phobias. ;-)

Good point Jody. I did in fact have several years of strong fear while flying. But I kept flying, so I don't think it qualifies as a phobia. The incident in India happened about four years into that phase. My fear of flying, which came on after many years of careless air travel, seemed to be triggered by my mother's death (though not immediately). It took me a few years (and psychoanlytic therapy) to come to the realisation that, in my case, it was an exaggerated form of seperation anxiety. I wouldn't say I am completely over it, I get slightly apprehensive in the days before a flight and dislike take-off. But my recent flights to Adeaide and back were the least tense I've had in many years, in fact I enjoyed them.
The Indian air story is one for another time - let me just say it was a near-death experience.

Could you post the recipe for the moroccan vegie stew??!

Not surprised to find that you're a cosy Cancerian!

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