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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


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thank you so much for putting in the time for such an excellent post. You've opened my blog reading world right up. I'll be returning to this one many times.

Ace compilation. You're a star. xxx

Thanks for the link and for putting together a great night's reading. Now I will be a worse mum than ever, if possible
*disappears into study, holding cold stubby, and slams door*

Thanks for a great read. I'm still only half way through after a few nights of reading.

Superb roundup. I've linked this blog into my blog now.

I am dismayed myself by how young women are seduced into the Sucide Club website. One of the comments on my blog expressed my sentiments when she talked of the feebleness of sexual power (looks) and how even recent history has been forgotten.

I wonder how much money the very conservative man running this site is making.


I don't seem to be doing the trackbacking thing properly, but there's a call for all & any 'heroines' for a forthcoming UK publication -- details here:


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