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Monday, June 20, 2005


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I'll ask Nicholas if he is interested. I suspect there would be a running theme of trucks in his answers though. :)

This Book tagging thing looks interesting, it appears like you and a number of others are listing info on favourite books etc. How do you do tis, and what are the set questions, I think this has potential to list our own children's favourite books aswell.
What do you think.
Oh by the way, where did it start?

and thanks for your kind words, it was the most personal entry I have made so far on my blog, and it was very difficult to put it out there, but I am glad I did.

Moomintrolls were one of my childhood favourites and G loved them too when I introduced them to him. I read him the first book and then he's since had them out of the library and read them to himself.

I never realised Ian Fleming wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

A pity you've not got Biggles anymore - according to a 2nd hand book shop owner I was talking to, if they've got a dust jacket on them they are worth a small fortune now. I used to enjoy reading them as a kid - I used to borrow them from the son of a family friend along with The Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators series.

Thanks, Olle, your books sound cool. I really like Alison Lester too, especially "Magic Beach" but most especially especially "Ernie Plays the Didgeridoo" which is about a boy called Ernie whose family go to Arnhem Land for a year.

And I would like Nicholas' truck books. Trucks are tops. They are big and go fast.

I have really enjoyed your 'kids' meme' entries - what a fun idea! Will be back with some thoughts on computers and kids and Evan's response to the book meme very soon (am too whacked after piano tonight to write...but won't be long!).

PS We're definitely with you on the wonderful Alison Lester.

When we first encountered the 'Ernie Plays the Didgeridoo' series, I thought 'so what'? But I've found that the books are eminently re-readable and reveal many layers as the child gets older. Alison Lester really knows how to hook kids in and I love reading her books too.

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