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Thursday, May 19, 2005


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I just read those headlines before looking at your blog today and found it quite an odd headline. Couldn't say I am necessarily convinced of her guilt or innocence. I've had enough of the media circus surrounding the case. Of course that may die down now that Kylie is back in the country and they can focus on her woes.

My instincts seem to suggest that maybe she is just some dumb cluck accidentally caught up in it.

But I'm puzzled by the media beating it up so much and inciting public outrage. (As you say, maybe it'll die down now with Kylie back and not well.)

Hinch is a muckraker, but that's what a real reporter should be. (He was right about Hookesie, unpleasant as it was.) On the evidence as we've been given it, you'd have to expect a guilty veridct in an Oz court. It was found in her luggage.

We ought to allow the Indonesian judicial system at least a chance of becoming independent after all those years of Suharto.

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