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Monday, April 11, 2005


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I quite liked Camilla's dresses too (the one worn at the church service in particular)!

I spent a night of babysitting 'watching' the wedding while reading the paper. Like you, I found it strangely fascinating to see The Mistress become The Wife in this royal, oh-so-very-proper context. I actually found the prayer of forgiveness that they chose quite striking, as it really seemed to put their hanky-panky front and centre (if that makes sense!). They were undeniably repenting for their adulterous relationship, and I found it both odd and strangely touching to see them draw their 'transgressions' and their sex lives to the attention of their families, the country and the world in that way.

Back in 1981 my clique was total punk so friend and I had to lie to everybody about our location so we could watch Dianas dress and we loved it. Camillas oyster coat thing was perfect although one UK journo said the spiky gold feather thing looked like a porcupine.
The apology was excellent - more people should do it - JUST SAY I'M SORRY, JOHNNO - how hard is it if Chuck can do it.
I do recommend the Wedding Animation by Nicholson at ://theaustralian .news.com/ itsa hoot.

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