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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


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Bunting's points are very interesting. Yes, what should I do with these images of horror, this knowledge of terrifying events caused by nature and humans over which I have no control?

Recently I attended an afternoon tea party with 8 other women to celebrate the 40th birthday of a womanfriend ('girlfriend' sounds odd now we are 40). All eyes were upon me and there were exclamations of disbelief when I confessed that I don't watch adult television (I do watch ABC children's television when the children watch it).

I don't miss television. As you've pointed out it's a complete horror story or it's in-your-face 'entertainment' that doesn't relax me at all. And it is so passive.

I get information by reading: the newspaper, the web, magazines, books. (And I can follow conversations about TV shows because I'm an avid reader of reviews of TV programs and movies). I really enjoy reading people's views of current events in the Opinion and Letters columns of the paper, and on their blogs. I'd love to find more time to read online publications such as the Guardian, but I never manage it.

I don't miss the onslaught of TV at all.

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